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The Outreach Program

T2 at West Street During the 1991-92 season, Geneva Concerts began an educational outreach program which continues to grow. In recent seasons we have reached more than 1,000 school children annually. This program helps to build our future audience base by exposing our children to a wide variety of concert and dance performances and it assists the Arts-in-Education programs for Geneva and the surrounding school districts by providing high-quality performers for school programs.

Free Sponsor-A-Student Tickets

Each year, our members generously provide funds for our Sponsor-A-Student program which provides free tickets to all children through high school. Tickets are available at the box office on the night of the concert.

Movement workshops during gym classes for elementary students at both North Street and West Street Elementary Schools in Geneva (Fall 2008) lead by Taylor 2 Dance Company.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Tullis, The Finger Lakes Times.

Why We Do Outreach

The following poem was inspired by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra performances I have had the privilege to see, thanks to Geneva Concerts' Sponsor-A-Student ticket program.

To Live

Rachel Liu

A bow stroke, a clear sound
The lights dim and the crowd is silent.
A note rings out again and they come alive. 
He arrives and raises his arms.

It begins.

The instruments play, a voice with no words. 
Joyful, fast and sweet: sound of peace.
A solo, life alone.
Together in harmony, united.

A pause, an applause. 
Short silence, anticipation.
Another comes, in front of the rest. 
Dramatic flourish and it starts.

Discordant, quick-the sound of fear. 
The heart races, pounding.
Unsafe, dangerous, death. 
Is this what it is to die?

A wave of arms, wave of emotions.
The solo plays, intense, quick over the keys. 
Scales and chords that heal the soul.
Is this beauty?

Anew, a voice rings out, high and clear. 
Is this hope?
They join together and the music chimes. 
A tear down the cheek, for all is well.

It ends and people applaud.
The one leaves, and it what it once was. 
They start again, his arms raised.
The first note rings out.

The song is clear and beautiful, 
exciting and bright.
But fear resides within: 
It will soon end.

A cue—it is over.

Up they all go, with applause for the end. 
Love, loss, pain, suffering, death:
Just a single night.
Is this life in one moment?

Rachel Liu's poem first appeared in the Key of Geneva zine produced by the Geneva Historical Society. The poem is reprinted with both Rachel Liu's and their permission.

Outreach activities during the 2016–2017 concert season were underwritten by grants from the Wyckoff Family Foundation, the Williams Family Foundation, the Rotary Club of Geneva, NY, and by additional support from the members of Geneva Concerts. Thanks!

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Williams logo HWS logo Wyckoff logo GC logo This series is made possible, in part, by a grant from the Williams Family Foundation, by a continuing subscription from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, by a grant from the Wyckoff Family Foundation, and by the friends of Geneva Concerts. For additional information contact info@genevaconcerts.org.

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